Therapy Services Offered

Therapeutic Services facilitated by Practitioners who specialize in Psychological Counseling, Pediatric Mental Health, Nutrition, Family and Coaching.

Marital Counseling

Parent Support Groups

  • Parent support group for parents of children with autism and Asperger's

  • Parent Support Group for New parents

  • Psycho-Educational Support Groups  for various child development stages and life transitions

School Consultation

School consultation service is intended to be a collaborative process between counselor and teacher, in an effort to promote and expand a child's ability to transfer skills obtained in therapy to their social and academic setting. This service can also be used to conduct  a child observation or developmental assessment.

Nutritional Guidance

Sec Select practitioners can provide guidance as to which foods/diets would be beneficial for specific conditions, as well as which foods should be avoided.
This service is also helpful to parents who are trying to introduce their child to certain textures to expand their diet.