Barbara Stroud, PhD

Founding Member Academy of ZERO TO THREE Fellows
IFECMH Endorsement- Reflective Facilitator Mentor Level 


It has been my pleasure to provide reflective consultation and mentorship to Allyson Barry from 2014 to 2017.  I have been able to observe and assist Allyson in her professional growth as a reflective supervisor and as she uses reflective practice strategies within system change projects. 

In my time with Allyson, I have found her to demonstrate strong self-awareness, and a balanced approach to reflective process. She has the ability to search beyond the current content and work to discover the personal underlying process for the participant. 


Allyson is thoughtful in her responses, holistic as she incorporates multiple elements within the work, and earnestly eager to help other professionals grow.  I have no reservations in recommending Allyson as a reflective supervisor or consultant.


Dalia Rostenberg, Ph.D.

School Psychologist, Issac School District

ASU Adjuct Professor


Mrs. Barry joined our school psychology team to provide information about her services and lead us through an activity on reflective practice supervision. The experience was very beneficial to all members since it gave us an opportunity to practice the steps while addressing our own conflicts within our team of psychologists.


This ended up being a wonderful opportunity to open the lines of communication and begin to build trust with one another.

I look forward to working with Ms. Barry-Edwards in the future to continue applying her strategies and techniques within our system.

Tiffany Trawick, LCSW


Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Certified in Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health and Trauma Professional.

I believe Allyson brings excellence to her work. She has the ablity to show others how they can be successful with their strengths. When working for her I was able to grow professionally under her direction.


She also has the ability to find the strength in those with whom she works. She brings passion and distinction to the work and uses her own experience and dedication to the field to help support those around her to do the same.


Alissa Borelli, PhD
UCLA, Neurologist  and Associate Professor


Through consultation , Reflective practice group supervision, Allyson helped our team promote and provide early identification and treatment for children with mental health disorders, and improve school-based mental health services and supports.

Wendy Vitalich, MA

Marriage and Family Therapist

Intern #IMF61395


I worked with Allyson Barry for several years while I was interning at Early Child Parenting Center. I was impressed with Allyson's natural way she related to the children as well as the parents. I learned from Allyson how to work with the children within the protocol of ECPC's mother toddler therapeutic groups. I quickly picked up the skills due to Allyson's leadership and guidance. I received excellent training in child development, play, attachment issues in toddlers, facilating support for preschool children and mother dyads.


The children all loved and respected her. She had a wonderful way of being very caring, firm and consistent and the children responded very well.When Allyson left to pursue other endeavors I felt that there was a big void and shoes to fill. I know that she will be an amazing asset working with children, parents and professionals in the field of early intervention, and mental health.


The Richmond Street Counseling Center

Supervised by Rebecca Kahane, MA, MFT Lic# MFC37382




Lilianna , LMFT

Marriage and Family Therapist


I was fortunate enough to meet and be supervised by Allyson Barry while interning at Early Childhood Parenting Center in Santa Monica. Her work with children and parents inspired my interest in attachment work. I was able to learn from observing her one-on-one interactions with children and dyadic work with parents and their children. Allyson's teachings helped me build a foundation of knowledge of early childhood relationships and learn how to strengthen parent and child bonds. It's been wonderful knowing Allyson professionally and personally and I can only hope to have the opportunity to work with her again. I highly reccomend her.


Linda Levin
Author, Speaker, Child Development Consultant,
and Adjunct Professor

Allyson Barry is an inspiring, intelligent and dynamic person and professional. I am extremely impressed with her knowledge in the field on Early Childhood and Marriage and Family Therapy. I have worked with Allyson as a co-writer on a book entitled My Baby Manual which will be published in its fourth edition.

I had hired Allyson to present a workshop on my behalf on parent child communication in Phoenix, Arizona. She did an excellent job. I would hire her for any professional position in her field of expertise.


Linda Levin is the president of J&L Book Productions, Co-Author, and writer for

Linda is available to speak at schools, hospitals, agencies and organizations throughout the US.



Shashi DeHaan, MAS-IFP

Infant Toddler Mental Health Clinician

Arizona’s Children Association


As a relatively new to the field, Infant Toddler Mental Health Clinician, I began working with Allyson about a year ago.  Allyson’s reflective practice supervision in our sessions

has helped me recognize my capacity as a practitioner, as well as attune and fine tune my own understanding of the clinical needs of caregivers of young children.



Nicole Campbell, UCSD

Senior Research Associate, University of

California San Diego


I had the pleasure to work with Allyson Barry as a behavioralist at program in San Diego, CA supporting children with developmental delays. The STAR Program is a socialization training and reinforcement program dedicated to supporting children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and other pervasive developmental disorders. As Supervisor, Allyson led the social skills training groups and the psychosocial evaluations for all children in the groups.


She was foremost committed to building strong relationships with clients and their families to develop critical interventions to support each child's success in their social and academic setting. She also demonstrated strong leadership with staff and fostered a collaborative environment.


With her diverse knowledge and experience, I highly recommend Allyson as a behavioral health and early intervention practitioner.

The Barry