Kids Retreat


 A small group 1/2 day program for Children ages 5 to 12 years. Children are paired into groups by age and need. Summer Program meets Monday - Thursday from 8:00 am -1:00 pm

Families who are eligible for IEP support will register for block 1 and 2.   

Some families may qualify for IEP consultation to be included in their child's block 2 program registration. 

Only 20 slots available. 


Sensory Play and Exploration 

Children work on their motor development and imaginary skills with peers and therapists. This morning segment can include building, climbing,  painting, and water activities.

Mystery Maps

Children engage in problem solving and science  concepts as they collaboratively work in small groups to develop a special story map for their fellow peer group.


Children receive support from our executive functioning coach and therapists.  Children gain executive functioning skills, improved auditory prcessing skills, and organization skills.

Small Group Socials 

This segment children come together in large group to have snack, participate in small group "socials"

This is a time we may celebrate birthdays, a special accomplishment , or event a child wants to share.

Therapists aid in fostering social emotional language used in small group discussions.

Yoga Sessions

As children in their assigned groups rotate from segment to segment, they will have one 50  min yoga segment each day. 

All sessions are lead by a yoga instructor and supported by the groups assigned therapists.

Daily sessions encourage self help strategies kids can use to improve their sleep, and decrease their stress levels. 

Get in Touch 

 Tel. 858-997-8450