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We believe in a 


Mentorship For Clinicians and Doctors


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The quality of your care starts with the quality of mentorship, interdisciplinary training and support professionals in the healthcare field receive.


Mental Health, Behavioral Health, and Heath are all a part of your healthcare.

We intentionally build strong working relationships with your adjunct providers. Together, we thrive from taking the time to learn from one another.    


Relationships and Mindfulness Matter 

We Blend Professional Disciplines


Bringing a Holistic approach to your treatment.ter

 As part of an ethical standard to patient care, our providers promote mindfulness in their work.

Our multidisciplinary approach to care for Families truly helps them determine what level of support they need.

Our Relationship with you helps us determined what blend of specialists you'll benefit from. 

Together we create mindful choices about your healthcare !


We Work Outside The Box 



 We're all about


feeding the soul and helping brains  emotionally grow

Those very valuable encounters that insurance can't count; we do!

Building blocks for social emotional development through early intervention and child advocacy. 

  • ​Yoga classes specifically for children with ADD/ADHD, and those coping with anxiety and trauma 

  • Therapeutic Social Skills Groups for kiddos as little as 2. 

  • Yin Yoga class for mothers and fathers 


We believe that the most significant change occurs when vulnerability and continuity of care are working hand in hand.  

Therapy Without A Prescription

I wanted to gain control of my anger so I sought therapy. 

My therapist help me understand that the most important step in gaining control over my anger was being able to sit in weekly therapy, to address my fears. 

—  Tony, husband and Dad of 3.


We Promote Self-Care For Our Providers  


Its an act of responsibility .

We understand that helping others starts with the discipline to help and care for our professional self.

 To do quality work, Medical and Mental Health providers require both constant reflection and assessment.

That's why Self-Care is a formal strategy integrated into our routine.


Its used in Supervision meetings, in short consults, and in restorative staff yoga classes.

Every professional needs a slightly different version of Self-Care, and we look to meet that need. 


“ I learned the value of self care in my own supervision. As I provide services to families; I'm constantly reminded my service is only as solid as the care I offer to my professional self.  

—  Judy, 

Be Well  !

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