Giving Back to The Field



Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something back by becoming more ~ Anthony Robbins


Support the Developing Professional

Giving scholarships to mental health and early childhood professionals. 

Select applicants qualify for 10 reflective practice supervision sessions at no cost to the clinician. 


Quotes from previous scholarship recipients:

I obtained 10 sessions of reflective supervision from Allyson to continue my professional development & get support for the work I do with children and families. I felt I had the most success in the therapy room when I addressed both my strengths and my fears within supervision. - Kerry Martin,MFT

I obtained 10 sessions of reflective practice supervision to begin to deepen my understanding of infant development and the relationship parent has with the caregivers working with their children. In my time in supervision, I learned how my own child narrative informs my perspective of the work I do with families. Upon completion of these sessions, I went on to commit and complete 2 yrs of RPS.                                                                               Shashi DeHaan, MAS-IFP

                                                      Infant Toddler Mental Health Clinician

Support For Our Parents 

Our parent advocate is a unique role in which our clinical team carefully selects  to work with both the professionals and families of our practice. While in this role, the parent advocate receives free training and support services of their choice.