Allyson Barry, Founder



Allyson is a state endorsed Infant-Early Childhood Mental Health Expert in Private Practice. As the Founder of The Barry Group, she runs a private pediatric and behavioral health practice that has  a team of specialists offering direct services in counseling, developmental assessments, therapeutic groups, and coaching services to children and families. Allyson specializes in pediatric mental health and reflective practice supervision. She offers training, supervision, and consultation services regionally to medical practitioners, mental health providers, and higher educational systems serving the birth to 5 population. Allyson also provides coaching and consultative services to a small group of families in her practice. 

Allyson studied Early Childhood Development at UCLA and went on to receive her master's degree in Clinical Psychology with a dual specialization in Infant/Toddler Mental Health and Marriage and Family Therapy, from Antioch University, Los Angeles. She is receiving her PhD in Infant and Early Childhood Development with specialization in supervision and developmental disorders. 

She has extensive training and experience in neurodevelopmental disabilities, attachment and separation issues in young children, and providing professional mentorship to those in the field. Her professional experience covers a wide range of settings, from out-patient services in hospitals, to providing in-home interventions and family consultations, facilitating therapeutic parent/toddler groups, to mentoring doctorate students, and providing Reflective Practice Supervision to practitioners of multiple disciplines. Her professional involvement at Cedars and Rady’s Children’s hospital has built her a specialization in working with children on the autism spectrum and treating the development of parent-child attachments.

Allyson’s work in outreach programs, statewide mental health initiatives for preschool age children throughout the state of Arizona, and in California has equipped Allyson with a blend of specializations that support both the developmental needs of children and the training needs of practitioners serving young children and their families.

Currently, Allyson’s community involvement to the field of psychology and education is serving as an active member on the board of directors for the Infant Toddler Mental Health Coalition of Arizona and the board of directors for Kids Included Together: a national inclusion program, serving children, educators, and their communities across the country.